A Tale of Two Burnishers

Of all the tools I use to create plasticine artwork my favourite is an old Letraset burnisher that has been around since my art college days. It’s spoon shaped metal tip, originally made for transferring rub-on lettering, is just the thing for adding texture and smoothing tiny details in clay.  Over the years it has been nibbled to a nub of it’s former self, and I never let it out of the studio for fear of losing it.

Recently, a mysterious brown paper package arrived in the mail. To my surprise and delight it contained a twin of my burnisher –  in perfect condition. My dear OCAD friend Dawn had found it when organizing her studio. Having seen my beaten up burnisher in a post, she and graciously sent me hers. Hooray! I’m set up for a few more decades. Thanks Dawn!

Tools of the trade and vintage burninshers

Tools of the trade and vintage burninshers

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