Clay Exhibition in Jaffa, or travels of a Wise Old Owl

Two original illustrations from Sing a Song of Bedtime have travelled to Jaffa, Israel to join in a group show of plasticine art at the Old Jaffa Museum. It is an honour to be part of this group of outstanding clay artists including Edgar Alvarez and Irma Gruenholz. I have enjoyed making connections with plasticine artists from around the world through social media, and been inspired by the range of art that can be created from this basic medium. I’m sorry that I can’t attend the show in person, but knowing some of my work is there brings me one degree closer to these artists and their work!

Curators Limor Margules and Sarah Jane describe the show as: “An extensive international exhibition that places the familiar and beloved raw material, CLAY, at it’s center.

Hundreds of colourful, sensational and inspirational works by leading Israeli and international artists created for this exhibition will be exhibited in the framework of the exhibition, which will take place from April 7-August 31, 2017.

PLASTALINA ART invites visitors to discover, thrill, visualize, create and enable Plasticine to give them wings to the areas of inspiration, imagination and creativity.

The exhibition presents works from various fields of activity that use the raw material of PLAYLINA-CLAY:

Illustrations for children’s books, TV series, animation films, film and photography, painting, sculpture, advertising and branding, social projects and unique plasticine stabilizers.”

As well as the originals for Diddle Diddle Dumpling, My Son John, and The Wise Old Owl, digital images from Picture a Tree will be displayed.


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