Written by Jo Ellen Bogart, Illustrated by Barbara Reid. Scholastic Canada

My grandma went a-travelling, said what would you have me bring?

“Not much,” said I, “Just a piece of the sky, and a hundred songs I can sing…”

Told from the perspective of a young girl, whose adventurous whose adventurous grandmother brings her back treasures such as an African baobab seed, the sound of an Australian didgeridoo and a Hawaiian rainbow.

Available in French



  • Canadian Associations of Children’s Librarians, Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Medal
  • Bronze Award, Dimensional Art Director’s Award Show, New York
  • International Board on Books for Young People Honour List
  • Canadian Children’s Book Centre TD Grade One Giveaway selection


  • Ruth Schwartz Award for Children’s Literature
  • Mr Christie Book Award

The loving relationship between grandma and granddaughter as each ages is tenderly captured in hugs, smiles, and subtle physical changes.

— School Library Journal

…these illustrations are astonishing. Whether in large, detailed landscapes or dramatic close-ups, the book contains a wealth of plastic effects, from the soft folds and textures of the grandmother’s clothes to the sparkling bubbles of a foamy sea.

— Kirkus

Reid’s Plasticine bas-relief illustrations are as spirited and game as the grannie.

— The Globe and Mail

…text and illustration are almost perfectly wedded, resulting in a book that, with its rhyming text, will have children asking to have it read to them over and over again.

— The Boston Book Review

The plasticine illustrations have both painterly and sculptural qualities. Indeed, they are narrative and may be read.

— Canadian Children’s Literature

Book illustration, "GIFTS", client: Scholastic Canada.  © Barbara Reid Book illustration, "GIFTS", client: Scholastic Canada.  © Barbara Reid Book illustration, "GIFTS", client: Scholastic Canada.  © Barbara Reid

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